Old Script Finder searches your servers for old, out of date scripts. Vulnerabilities in popular Perl/PHP scripts are a headache for everyone. Even the most security-tightened servers can be affected by attacks on out of date scripts, and hosting clients seldom keep their scripts upgraded without reminders. Old Script Finder now gives you a way to find and manage out of date scripts - and it's so easy.

What OldScriptFinder can do

  • Most importantly, scan for (and counting) different Perl and PHP scripts, and alert you of any old versions.
  • Produce Email, HTML and/or XML reports for you or your staff to investigate.
  • Optionally send warning emails to users found running old scripts, and generate individual HTML/XML reports for each user.
  • Automatically download new version information and new script fingerprints from our servers, so Old Script Finder always knows what the latest versions are.
  • Read httpd.conf (on Apache servers) to scan web-accessible directories, scan the entire filesystem, or just scan specific directories.
  • Run automatically by cron, with no intervention needed.
  • Disable old scripts after the user has been warned a number of times. (optional)
  • Interface with custom coding - various hooks allow you to perform custom actions. Custom script definitions can also be created, allowing you to scan for home made scripts and other files with version information.
  • Multi-Server Report - if running on multiple servers, this tool can display and sort all the results in one place.
  • Special features for cPanel® servers - optional cPanel plugin gives your users their results directly in cPanel, and the WHM plugin allows you to manage and scan with Old Script Finder very easily without having to run commands on a terminal.

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